Your Breast Pumping Mommies Say, It’s Gonna Be Okay, Sweetie”

I know you’re feeling anxious, I’m here to help.

So, now your baby is born, your hubby is home sleeping after the long eventful day and you lay in your hospital bed, alone. Your Mom lives so far away. If only she were around to reassure you that it’s all going to be ok.
Sure you’re a super competent wife and professional woman, but all of a sudden your mind is cluttered with concerns and fears about how you’re going to parent this precious new life.
75% of women do 90% of the feeding, diapering, and waking for baby. 
Suddenly, that amazing and beautiful thought of having a sweet baby is now a very long term reality. If only your Mom was here to talk to, for you to ask her the hundreds of questions you have.
Wendy and I are here to help you during those times, when you have questions about breast pumping and breast feeding.  With two generations of breast pumping and breast feeding experience, we know the fears and questions that moms have.
From day one to the end of lactation, Wendy and Toni can be your hug across the miles, when problems pop up.
CALL US, we really want to help fill the gap.  888-240-2266. Or email us at We are a mother (Toni) & daughter (Wendy) team who love to help moms.
Take good care of yourself.

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