Why Does My Baby Dislike Frozen Breastmilk?

Freezing Breastmilk Without Changing the Flavor

Sometimes, we put breastmilk in the freezer and don’t realize that food flavors get into the milk from other foods that are stored in the freezer. Here is an idea that will help prevent food flavors from getting into the breast milk.

Use a plastic container that will hold plenty of breastmilk.
Sprinkle ½ inch of baking soda in the bottom of the freezer container.
Place your bags of breastmilk in the container (sprinkled with baking soda) in the freezer.

This will keep smells and tastes from other foods from getting into the milk.  It is even better if you have a container that has an air tight lid.
Flavors like onion & garlic get into other foods, even breastmilk.

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