When a Mother Needs Us, We are There

Owning a small business during this troubled economic time, has it’s ups and downs.  Some days, Wendy and I are working hard on our writing, web work, inventory and numerous other jobs.  We keep our eye on our site sales all day long to ensure that if customers have questions or needs, we can respond quickly.

Some days, no sales show up and we get a sinking feeling. Invariably, a new mother will call and have a problem with breast milk supply.  Wendy and I jump into action. 

Helping mothers with milk problems is the reason Wendy started the GotBreastPump.com in the first place.  All the other parts of the company came afterwards.

Taking the time to talk to a new mother, pumps us up.  Knowing that there are so few places for mothers with breastmilk problems to go, and that they found their way to us, makes us feel really great.

After helping a mother, we jump back into our many/varied daily tasks with a whole new attitude.  We remember that its not about what we sell.  It is all about being there for the mother in need, Many times, the mother only needs a suggestion and kind words, when she needs it most, “To Feed Her Baby”.

Call us anytime for help with breast milk problems or concerns.  This is what we are all about. 

We look forward to helping you or someone you know, who needs support and advice with breast milk needs.

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