We Want You to “Touch Yourself”

Breast Pumping can be a difficult thing to get used to, however, many moms must do it, so that they can return to work or leave baby for a short period of time.  Therefore, moms need the easiest and most convenient way to breast pump.

  • Before placing the breast pump horns on your nipples, find a nice, relaxing place to sit and lean forward in a comfortable manner;
  • Massage your breasts to get the breast milk moving;
  • Place the horns onto your breasts and begin the breast pump at a very low, slow level;
  • As the breast milk begins to flow, massage your breast from your armpit forward;
  • In addition, to massaging, actually squeeze your breast gently to really push the breast milk out of your breasts;
  • As the suction of the breast pump becomes more comfortable raise the suction level and speed as it becomes more comfortable;
  • Continue to massage and squeeze your breasts gently the entire pumping session and you’ll find that you are able to pump your breast milk much quicker and may also find that you are receiving an increase in your breast milk supply.

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