Warming Your Breast Milk

If your breast milk is still frozen, thaw in the refrigerator overnight or under warm running water until it has thawed out completely.  This may even warm your breast milk for your baby.

Your breastmilk may separate, with the fat rising to the top.  This is perfectly normal, as is a slightly bluish color.  In addition, some breast milk may smell soapy, this too is normal.  Once your milk is thawed or warmed just gently shake the bottle which should mix back together.

There are a few way to warm a bottle of breast milk, if it thawed:

1. You may just want to run the bottle under warm running water.

2. You can use the microwave to heat up water.

Microwave a cup of water, not the breast milk.  Once you take the cup of water out of the microwave, place the bottle of breastmilk into the cup of hot water and allow to sit for a few minutes.  Then take the bottle out of the water and gently shake.  This should warm your breast milk enough to be just right for your baby.

You do not want to directly microwave your breast milk because:

• the microwave can cause various hot spots in the breast milk, which may lead to burning your baby’s mouth;
• some of the nutrients in the breast milk may be destroyed as you microwave.

3. Also, bottle warmers are a great choice to heat up your breast milk bottle.

Also, make sure to never have your baby around or in your arms while working with hot liquids and always test the breast milk before giving to your baby to make sure that it is not too hot.

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