Using a Quality Breast Pump for Successful Breast Pumping

Having a quality breast pump is essential if you plan to breast pump exclusively or even occasionally when returning to work.  If you do not have a quality breast pump intended for full time use, then your efforts at breast pumping will be useless.  After some time of using a lower quality breast pump (battery operated, single, even low voltage) you will find that your breast milk will begin to decrease.

That is why it is necessary to invest (yes, invest – because they are in the range of $200-300) in a good breast pump that will keep your breast milk flowing to continue to provide for your baby over the next weeks or months.

There are a few very good pumps (personal use) that are favorites with moms that breast pump on a regular basis:

-          Medela’s Pump in Style Advanced

-          Advent’s Isis IQ Duo

-          Ameda’s Purely Yours Ultra

In addition to these, there are hospital-grade pumps that can be rented and are perfect to help when moms needs that extra hard-working breast pump.  Since these pumps run so high ($800-1200), they can be rented to help alleviate some of the costs:

-          Medela’s Symphony

-          Medela’s Lactina

-          Ameda’s Elite

What breast pump did you use when breast pumping?  Let us know how you liked it.

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