Top 5 Apps To Help Every Mom Stay Efficient

After driving Gabrielle  to school, working eight hours, and then spending three hours in a classroom two night a week, I’m often asked how I get it all done. My days are pretty hectic, but staying organized and being efficient definitely keeps me from pulling my hair out.  There is no doubt that technology and my iPhone have made life much easier.
Having the right apps is crucial for every mom, because let’s face it, all of us are so busy.


      1. Evernote: There is no doubt that I could not live without this incredible app.  It actually took me a while to get used to it, but now, it’s the first and last thing that I look at each day. It’s perfect for getting all that paper off the counter and into your phone, where you can view it while away from home. Just jotting down notes are so easy, if there’s something that you need to remind yourself about later. And anything that you find on the web can easily be downloaded into Evernote, so that you can read it later or keep for future reference.
      2. Mynd: This little app keeps everything that you need to do for the day in one place.  Before I leave in the morning, I look at Mynd for the day.  Since it’s integrated with my calendar, reminders,  and Waze map, it tells me when I need to leave for an appointment based on what’s in my calendar and what the traffic looks like along the way.  Another preview of the app, let’s you know what tasks that you need to get done in between those calendar meetings. And the best part is that it will tell you what the weather is wherever your calendar events take you.
      3. Cozi: This app is very similar to the your calendars and contacts, but our carpool uses it very differently.  We’ve set up one username and password for everyone to share, then we update the various areas as they pertain to the carpool.  The “Journal” area is used to add information about the child (photo), car capacity and what particular courses/sports they are participating in (this is for a middle/high school carpool).  The “Shopping” area is where parents add their names, phone and email addresses. We use the “To Do” area to list all of the courses that all the kids are taking, and adding each child’s name that is participating in each, so parents know who is available to carpool. And then the “Calendar” allows us to add the course and who will be driving on specific days.  This little app has been a lifesaver for carpooling.
      4. IFTTT: This is a great app for automating some of your cumbersome tasks.  There are many automation recipes that have been created already.  you’ll be amazed at some of the things that IFTTT can do for you, like send you a text in the morning if it’s going to rain, email you the latest Netflix releases, and create a Selfie album. The number of tasks that IFTTT can do for you are exhaustive.
      5. Flickr: While iPhone backs up the photos on your phone, Apple provides so little space that it’s easy run out of room quickly. Flickr provides the same automation.  When you sign up and download the app, you can turn on auto upload to Flickr in the settings area.

Since we have so much to do all the time, having these time-saving apps can allow you to spend a little more time with your family.

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