Toddlers & Clothes, or Lack Of

My toddler’s lack of inhibition is refreshing and shocking, almost everyday.  Clothes are supposed to be important to a woman. But my Gabrielle is not in the least into looking cute in her clothes that I buy online.  Even as a little girl I was so modest that I wouldn’t even wear sleeveless tops and would throw a fit when my Mom tried to put me in sun dresses.
Each morning, I put her in a chic little get up. But by 10 she no longer has on jeans or shorts. By noon, her shirt is gone too.  Good thing we live in the sunbelt.
Even the neighbors know about Gabrielle’s free spirit. She will go across the street to visit my neighbor’s doggie, donning only her Dora the Explorer panties. 
Gabrielle has just become aware of the mail box and the wonders of Easter and Birthday cards. Last week she was spotted checking the neighbor’s mail box for more colorful cards.  My neighbor’s son said, “Mom a little girl is looking in our mailbox.” She calmly asked, “Does the little girl had any jeans on?” and her son said “No she’s in her underwear.”
She told her son, “No problem, it’s just Gabrielle.”
My dearest hope is that she will outgrow this like Dana Carvey’s boys out grew ‘Naked Time.’ Otherwise, the nuns at school will get a rude awakening.
Clearly, I did not pass my modesty genes on to my precious baby girl.
Bar the door Katy!

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