The Holidays are Coming, BUT…….

Don’t Make the Costly Mistake of Using Formula

The frenzy of the holidays can cause us to become so harried that we sometimes forget what’s really important.  Giving up breast pumping or breastfeeding because of the holiday season can have obvious and hidden costs.

Yes, it is easy to pick up a few cans of formula with the groceries and not notice the expense.  But way too soon, the cost of the formula adds a hefty burden to the family budget. Once a baby starts formula, the daily cost $5 to $6 every single day.  That is over $150 each month.

Now, for the hidden costs of babies on formula.  Formula fed babies get sick more often.  Kaiser Permanente states that formula fed babies cost, on average, an extra $1,400 per year in additional office visits, prescriptions and hospitalizations.

How many families can truly afford to pay over $3,000 in a year for something that does not have to cost even $1.  Breastmilk is basically free.

The inconvenience of buying formula, taking your sick baby to the doctor and the sadness of having your baby ill are such an awful price to pay for giving up breast pumping or breast feeding.

Consider well before giving up on breastmilk during the holidays.  Your baby needs you during the holidays.


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