The First Years Easy Pour Milk Storage Bags

The number two breast milk storage bag on our list is The First Years Easy Pour Milk Storage Bags.

These breast milk bags received a 4 out of 5. A box of 25 pre-sterilized bags can cost between $7.99 and $11.99.

This bag:

  • holds 6 oz. of milk
  • is pre-sterilized
  • is self-standing design keep the bags from tipping over
  • are zip-tight with an easy grip handle
  • has a pour spout for easy, no-spill usage
  • has write-on areas
  • can be used with any size disposable bottle.

These are not re-useable, therefore can get somewhat costly. Some moms have complained that the ounces on the bag are not correct and that the plastic seemed too thin and not durable. Also a hand full of moms have said that a few of the bags out of their box leaked some of their breast milk.

Next, we will discuss Dr. Brown’s Milk Storage Bags.

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