The “Big Boy” Shirt

Today Seth starts 5th grade – or middle school, as they call at his school.  So, now, he gets to wear the big boy shirt.  Prior to this, he wore a cotton polo shirt that made him so precious.  Now he wears a short-sleeve button-down that he doesn’t love.

“Why does it feel so funny?” he asked this morning.  “It’s so stiff and hard,” as he tried to configure the collar.  This must lend a lot to my mothering skills and the fact that I never make my children wear formal clothing. The guys in my family even wear short-sleeve polo shirts to Easter Mass.

I concluded this morning’s conversation by informing him that men still like to torture themselves by wearing ties and long-sleeve dress shirts in the summer.  Why our society still requires this sadistic manner of dress is beyond me, but he sure did look handsome going to school today.

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