The Banana King

A couple of nights ago, my Performance Studies class was devoted to an author reading by Rich Cohen. He wrote a biography about Sam Zermurray, the New Orleans Banana King. It was an interesting reading since the book was essentially about an immigrant who went from nothing to being very wealthy and eventually took over United Fruit Company, now know as Chiquita Banana. I surprised that, being a native of New Orleans, I had never heard of Zermurray, who actually was born in Russia, immigrated here as a young boy, and built an empire in New Orleans based on bringing bananas to North America. I’ve read a number of business books just to get ideas of different concepts and people who have succeeded in business and this is one that I’ve never heard of it. I think would be an excellent choice for anyone who’s interested in reading about business and success.

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Great little garden at the coffee house where I was studying while waiting to pick up Seth.

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