That’s My Baby?

There are so many moments in your life when your children make you proud. But, today was the first time that I had one of those “Oh my gosh, my baby did that? He’s amazing!” kind of moments.  I couldn’t really figure out what that particular thing was that made me more proud of him than I’d ever have felt before. Then, I realized that today was the first time that I saw him do something that I couldn’t do myself.

He’s a great kid and is a very good student, but besides that his biggest interest have been computers and video games – of course like any other teenager today. But those are things that I felt like I knew already. I know software pretty well, so anything that he was working on,  he could come to me, and we could figure it out.   But when I saw him working on that robot, it just blew my mind. I thought, “that’s something that I have never done, nor do I believe that I ever really could do anything like that. I don’t work on hardware or the physical portions of a computer – I’ve changed memory before, but that’s about it. But here is my baby working on the inside of the computer, doing something that I know that I couldn’t do.

It’s a special moment when you see your baby as a separate being from yourself and understand that he’s going to do good things.

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Last day at Robotics Competition
seth-robotics3-4-5-14 seth-robotics2-4-5-14 seth-robotics1-4-5-14 gabrielle-4-5-14
Baby Girl headed to 50′s birthday party

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