Surviving the First Month with Enough Breast Milk

From the moment of your baby’s first wail through the next 4 – 6 weeks as your hormones are on a wild roller coaster ride. But that’s only the beginning. You may need help. You can get help from We are just a call or email away. Our passion is helping new mothers to feed their babies.

Your New World: New Baby, Breastmilk and OMG Exhaustion

Before delivery of your precious new baby, you were bright, hopeful as you prepared for every aspect of your new baby’s life.  You bought the cute baby clothes, painted the nursery the perfect color, set up the diapering area, and bought a breast pump to make sure that you could give your baby breast milk for a year or more. You also read everything you could get their hands on to know how to care of your new baby. You planned to be the best and most capable mom in the whole wide world.
But, after several nursing sessions, your nipples started to really hurt. Your baby can’t quite latch because your breasts are beginning to change shape because they are beginning to fill with milk. You had an exhausting 10 hours of hard labor. You didn’t even get to rest that night, because your baby wanted to nurse every hour.  Reality has it home, and you know you are not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.
Two days later, you are home but you and your baby are struggling.   Thank goodness the lactation consultant is coming before noon to check on how the breastfeeding is going.  The next feeding is a little better, because the lactation consultant gave you a couple of tips on how to get the baby to latch on better, but the nipples still really hurt. After the feeding, you diapers your sweet baby and place it back in the bassinette and try to get a little rest.
Less than an hour later your baby whimpers and begins to cry. You muster up the strength to nurse again, but this time, the pain in your nipple that the baby latches on to, causes searing pain.  A small tear comes to your eye.  For the first time, you wonder how you will ever be able to keep up breastfeeding, or even if you can be the kind of mother you always dreamed you would be.  You did all that preparation and everything should be great.
So very many mothers have faced this challenging moment.  Even with 30 years behind me, since my last baby was born, I totally remember.  The only difference is that 30 years ago, there were no lactation consultants. 
GotBreastPump.comknows that mothers need support, especially after they leave the hospital.  We offer free advice to breast pumping and breast feeding mothers.
The first days together for you and your new baby can be challenging but also beautiful, when help is available.
Call us at 888-640-2266 or email us at
Please take good care of yourself.  Your body has been through so much and your hormones will remain in flux for about a year.

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