Surprisingly Quick & Easy Way to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

Massage your breasts often, to produce “let down”

Massage – Massage – Massage!
“Let Down” affects hormones that increase breast milk supply. Massaging your breasts often will create “let down,” even if you don’t get any drops or sprays of milk.  Massaging is just like when a baby touches and massages the mother’s breast; it causes ‘let down’. Massage will increase breast milk supply with your breast milk supply is low.
Do this often, even every half hour, when your want to increase your breast milk supply.  Sit in a comfortable chair, in privacy to massage, get in the shower to massage, massage every time you go to the bathroom.  The more often you massage the quicker you will increase your breast milk supply.
Keep your regular pumping schedule, but massage often between.
Lots of moms will “power pump to increase breast milk. The basis of power pumping is to pump every half hour or so.  Most moms don’t get a lot of breast milk each pumping, but activating ‘let down’ is the important thing that happens during power pumping.
You can increase breast milk supply with massage, similar to the effect you get with power pumping.
So, Massage – Massage – Massage!
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