Saving Money is a Family Affair at

Wendy and I are taking huge steps to save money, like everyone else, during this economic train wreck. Yes, our sales have been impacted.  We love our work and have been working for years now with no salaries.  We allocate all money back into the company, like most small businesses do in their early years.

We are cutting back on expenses in the family budget as well.  Our breastmilk baby, Gabrielle, is now at home, instead of at daycare.  Wendy and I are working a lot harder. 

While one of us is packing orders and tracking inventory, the other is tending Gabrielle.  Our busy little bee, requires considerable attention.  Three year olds like to climb and hide.  Wow, what a workout.

We are shopping for educational toys and yard toys at Goodwill. After that, we shop at the serious discount stores.  Saving money is the order of the day.

The work Wendy and I do is all about the passion.  Passion for helping mothers feed their babies, passion for family.

Dad and big brother Seth are going camping with Boy Scouts this weekend. That’s inexpensive too.

The whole family is saving money.  Life is good.  We have learned a whole new appreciation for the things we have, especially each other.

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