Save Money, Save Money, Mother’s Milk WILL Save Money!!!!!

Save $4,120 in Baby’s 1st Year

No more beatin’ ‘round the bush!  Family budgets are stressed out!

Money is tight and families must find ways to save money.  Breastfeeding and breast pumping mother’s milk for your baby will save money in several important ways.

Starting your baby on breastmilk saves money in the most obvious way, the cost of formula. This first and most apparent savings can really reduce the family budget by a large sum of money.  Most c calculations of the expense of baby formula for one year of a baby’s life is based on the national average cost of one ounce of formula, 15 cents per ounce. In one year, the average baby will consume 10,800 ounces of milk. That is a total cost of 1,620 for formula for the first year.

But, let’s consider the really important number in the dollar savings to a family, if their baby gets mother’s milk instead of formula. The health benefits of breastmilk are exceptional.  $2,500 is the savings to the average family for the additional health costs of formula fed babies, based on a study by the by the American Association of Pediatrics. 

Formula fed babies visit the doctor twice as often for respiratory illness, ear infection, and gastrointestinal illness, than breastmilk fed babies.  Formula fed babies have 20% more doctor’s office visits.

Total cost of all those doctor visits is $2,500 per year for each child. Any family that reviews these costs would have a hard time feeding their baby formula based on this knowledge.

Considering these two expenses alone, a family can save $$4,120in one year if they feed their baby breastmilk and not formula.

The health advantages that mothers can enjoy through breastfeeding and breast pumping includes, reduced risk of various cancers, and psychological benefits. The physical and mental health savings are range from a few thousand dollars to huge sums in a life time.

The time is now, Moms and Dads.  Save those dollars. Breast pumping and breastfeeding is best for baby, best for Mom and best for Family.

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