Returning to Work and Supplying Breast Milk

Breastfeeding and breast pumping may be one of the most rewarding events of motherhood, and it is one of best things a mother can do to create a powerful bond with her child. True to life, blessings can be mixed. Nursing and breast pumping moms go through many trials and tribulations to provide the perfect nutrition for their baby.

Mother who return to work while still supplying breast milk, will need support. Some companies have environments for breastfeeding and breast pumping. This is still a fairly imperfect art. I have personally heard and read many stories about mothers pumping in broom closets or bathrooms. Communicating your needs with your employer prior to returning to work is always advisable.

Work place success stories for breast pumping abound. Just check online, you will find great ideas and wonderful support from experienced mothers.For a bit of humor, I want to share this funny story that I found during my research. Please note in advance, that pumping and driving is not safe.

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