Pumping Your Breast Milk for Other Babies

Recently, we have been receiving emails from moms stating that their babies had to go on formula and wanted to know what they can do with their already frozen breast milk.  Like any mom that has pumped their precious breast milk, it is almost impossible to physically force yourself to just throw into a garbage can.

Though I do not believe that Breast Milk Banks can take breast milk that has been pumped before the application process, the wonderful people at the Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin may be able to help you.  But most importantly, if you are still pumping for your baby and getting plenty of milk, you may want to look into helping by donating some of your extra breast milk to this wonderful bank.

Being a mom that has had a baby in NICU, I know how important it is that these babies get this important milk that is donated from other moms.  Just imagine how desperate you if you did have to see your baby in a terrifying place, like a NICU, how grateful you would be for the help from some selfless mom.  This article by keyetv.com will give your great insight into how moms feel while their babies are in NICU.

You don’t even have to live close to a milk bank, just contact your nearest bank and they will set you up to have your breast milk shipped to their location.

image via keyetv.com

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