Pumping at Work PAW, “OMG, What a Witty and Authentic Mommy Blog”

Mamaresse’s Pumping Experiences

I read the best blog today, “The Real Deal Behind PAW (Pumping at Work)”, written by mamareese. 

The blog was posted on The Workin’ Mama site. Breast pumping sure can have its challenges and mamareese gives the real scoop on pumping in the bathroom at work.  She offers such sage advice with a bit of twisted humor for the mom who is committed to pumping at work.

I totally admire the commitment and fortitude she has for breast pumping and breast feeding.
Here is momareese’s blog, enjoy.

The Real Deal Behind PAW (Pumping at work)

Thanks, mamareese for coining the acronym “PAW” for working mamma pumpers.

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