Palin Pumping for Baby Trig

& Giving Voice to Breast Pumping and Breast Feeding ‘Round the World

Politicians, WIC moms, teachers, and police women breast pump and breastfeed their babies.  Moms of every income, ethnicity, and religion breast pump and breastfeed for the same basic motivations.

Mothers have the need to feed (their babies). Breast milk is the most natural and once established, the easiest food source.  Palin, a mother of five, has brought a new light to this all important method of feeding her babies, based on the level of media attention she receives.

Many notable and noble women have spoken out about breastmilk. Sarah Palin did not bring attention to breastmilk all by herself. Celebs bring attention to the breastmilk cause, and some celebs use this status to give rise to change for the benefit of all mothers. Susan Sarandon, Tori Amos, Cindy Crawford, Catherine Zeta-Jones, are just a few of the mothers to spread positive images and messages about feeding their babies with breastmilk.

In the prior two generations, babies were fed cow’s milk and formula.  In the last decade, breastmilk has regained its importance and value to mothers for their babies.

The 70% of new mothers now opt to breastfeed their newborns. Sadly, only 35% are still giving their baby breastmilk by 6 months. There are many reasons for this dramatic drop. Breastfeeding, although it is a natural process, can be challenging. Precious little information is made available to mothers before or following birthing. The grandmothers and mothers of the new moms, if they live nearby, may not have breast feeding experience.

Social factors play a huge role in successful breastfeeding.  Even in this modern age, society is not highly tolerant of breastfeeding. Still, today, mothers must breastfeed their baby in public bathrooms to avoid criticism.  Few people would eat in a public bathroom, so why should a mother feed her precious infant in a public bathroom.

Breast pumping and breastfeeding awareness through media will create greater acceptance of this natural practice for feeding babies. So, please Sarah Palin, help mothers of the world. Give voice to this critically important issue of women feeding their babies with breastmilk, the most natural and most available source of food for mothers to feed their babies with, ‘round the globe.


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