Our Gabrielle is with Us Everyday

Running a business with a 3 year old around is a bit like riding a roller coaster.   Gabrielle will play sweetly while we are doing our individual jobs.  We talk with her and watch while she rolls her balls of play dough. One of us will take time out and go for a walk so she can ride her bike or pick clover flowers for the house.

One of her favorite activities is watering the plants.  Of course, she waters the brick on the house, her shoes, and all other items in squirting distance.  She would water all day long if we let her. 

The dogs are happy to have a toddler around the house.  They are very fond of Gabrielle’s snacks and lunch.  If she turns around, one of the dogs will take advantage of her yummy morsels.  With the little one at home all the time, we may need to get the dogs to obedience school.  But, that will come when more time is available, probably when our girl goes to preschool.  Then it will be a moot point.

Another one of the things Gabrielle is really fond of is helping us put the packages in the buckets to go to the Post Office.  She has become a favorite at the local Post Office.  She likes sitting on the counter top while the folks behind the counter check in the packages.  She always gets a smile and a sweet word.

Gabrielle just loves digging in the dirt.  So Wendy and I have learned to love mud pies.  She has salso planted a few pecans in her little mud hole and wonders why they haven’t already grown into trees.

How wondrous to have our little peach remind us of the innocence of a young mind that is so curious about this big ol’ world.

More Gabrielle antics later.

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