Ouch! Don’t Force Your Breast Pump

Don’t force the breast pump to pump too quickly or too hard.  Sometime when we lack the time or motivation to breast pump, we decide to put both the rhythm and pressure of the breast pump too high.  Some moms may jump on the breast pump with both dials pushed up to the highest level thinking that they will be able to get the breast milk out quicker.

Wrong answer.  What results is a painfully horrid experience.  Breast pumping first should mimic your baby and secondly, should not be painful.  Initially each time you start breast pumping you should:

  • place your suction on the lower levels,
  • as time passes, you can push the suction level up just a little to feel some pressure.

If you force the suction too quickly, you will find the pain too intense and quit pumping, your breast milk will begin to decrease and you will eventually crack your nipples causing bleeding into your breast milk.

Many of the newer models of breast pumps have very good settings for the rhythm and suction and help you determine the best settings for the best results for your breast pumping experience.

What do you find are the perfect settings for breast pumping?  If you have used the newer models of breast pumps – do you find them to be easier to control?

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