is One Unique Business That is Still Growing, Even this in Shaky Economy (GBP) is a growing business in this shaky world economy, by providing mothers with a very unique and wonderful way to save money. GBP offers products and advice to help mothers with breast pumping and breast feeding. is the #1 Google site for “breast pumping”.

Breastfeeding babies had been a lost art for two or three generations.  Mothers are drawn back to breastfeeding and breast pumping their breast milk for two major reasons.  First reason is that mothers want to give their baby the outstanding health benefits of breast milk. Secondly, these mothers have found an extraordinary way to save tons of money.

The savings a mother can offer her family, by providing breastmilk, can add up to $3,500.00 in the first year of a baby’s life. Formula costs the average family about $2,000.00 each year.  The added savings come from the medical savings for breast milk babies.  Formula fed babies are sick 20% more often, with increased doctor’s visits, medicines and hospitalizations.

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