Now, That’s What I Call Confidence

I’m not a sports fan at all. As a graduate of LSU, living just minutes outside of Baton Rouge, and working for a company established by professors at LSU, people are surprised that I do not participate in LSU sports. On our dress down days, you can only wear jeans if you wear something that relates to LSU. So, in order not to miss my comfies, I have a generic purple shirt that I wear on these days, because I refuse to buy any official LSU sports merchandise and support that crazy machine that pours more money into athletics than education. You cannot go to the grocery any time of year without seeing someone wearing LSU clothing or the store trying to sell LSU merchandise. It is impossible to escape.

Well, I have broken down and have begun to participate in LSU sports – gymnastics. The team is so incredible, I’m able to put my anti-LSU sports commentary aside in order to enjoy these amazing events. I wanted Gabrielle to get involved with sports, instead of dance. But, I’m too impatient to deal with softball or anything like that. And don’t we make our children do what we wanted to do – it’s the only way to live vicariously through them – I mean, come on! So, she has been in gymnastics for a number of years now.

We caught a couple of events last year, but this year, we did not miss any of the regular events hosted at LSU. This team is unbelievable. They have set a number of records this year and Coach D-D Breaux is amazing. They won the NCAA Regional yesterday and are on their way to the NCAA Semifinals. We feel lucky to live so close and be able to watch the talent of the women on this team. But, the most incredible athlete on this team is Lloimincia Hall. Not only can she fly across that arena, but she puts on a performance that makes every spectator get up and move. Her confidence is palpable, and she knows that she is great at what she does. It’s so inspiring for young girls to see that a women can do such a great job and be proud of it. We have an obligation to show girls that being great at something – sports, technology, education – is nothing to be ashamed about and we can compete, if not do much better, than the men.

Go Lloimincia!

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Yes, we do own LSU shirts. We get them for free and Robert does wear them around the house.


You can’t escape it.  I counted 8 LSU stickers on cars on my way to work this morning.


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