You Can’t Afford to Stop Breast Pumping or Breast Feeding

The Cost of Formula Feeding is Huge!

Your  Family Can Save $3,000 in Your Baby’s First Year

With the economy now in a recession and little hope of it being a short recession, saving money on anything possible is very important

With our economy in a recession and money is tight for families and will be getting tighter.  There are many ways to avoid spending your hard earned dollars.

If you are breast pumping or breast feeding, keep it up.  If you have stopped and want to restart breast pumping or breast feeding, it is a very possible to restart your breastmilk supply.

The cost of formula feeding your baby has lots of obvious costs and some really big hidden costs. 

One year of formula costs $1,500 to $2,000 for an average baby.  Babies with allergies that need special formulas, the cost can actually double to $3,000 to $4,000 for 12 months of formula.

Now for the hidden costs of formula feeding your baby. Babies who are fed formula get sick 20% more than breast milk babies.  The average yearly cost of formula fed babies compared to breast milk fed babies is about $1.500 in one year.

So parents, stopping breast milk for formula is very, very expensive.  How does an extra $250 each month in the family budget sound to you?  That is the actual amount a non breast milk (formula) fed baby can add to you monthly costs.

Please contact us at if you want to restart your breastmilk supply or simply to maintain your breastmilk supply.

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