Need Breast Milk Fast? The Old/New Remedy – Goat’s Rue is the Answer

Yes, Goat’s Rue Can Help You Increase Your Breast Milk Supply Fast!

Goat’s Rue has recently become a popular again, after many generations. It is a galactagogue and is related to fenugreek, another galactagogue. The use of Goat’s Rue goes backIt helps increase breast milk supply by stimulating the development of mammary tissue.  

Goat’s Rue is also called French Lilac or Holy Hay is a common galactagogue that is especially recommended for moms who are breastfeeding after reduction surgery or breast augmentation, since it has been reputed to build and repair breast tissue as well as increase milk production.

Goat’s rue is wonderful for helping adoptive mothers develop ample milk supplies.

The recommended dose is 2-3 mls, 2 times per day.  Mothers should see an increase in breast milk production in 48 hours.

Buy Goat’s Rue now. If you have any questions about the product, call us, we’ll be happy to talk.

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