My Mother’s Day Tribute to My Daughter Wendy

 4 Important Things I Learned From My Daughter

As a life-long hyperactive person I have always overdone things.  I work too hard; I’m involved in too many things. I will, too often, take on too much responsibility.
Wendy has taught me that a patient and wise approach to life and raising kids reaps wonderful rewards. Now, unlike other grandmas, I am not simply prejudiced toward my grand angels. They really and truly are amazing, kind, interesting and funny kids.
And, without question, these young people are a product of a wholesome and thoughtful home life created by my extraordinary daughter and her equally special husband.
So, here I go with my list of 4 things I learned from my daughter.
Patience – When the kids are doing things that I would have monitored too carefully, Wendy uses her relaxed manner to let them learn from their mistakes.  Gabrielle will build towers of unstable boxes and climb to explore.  My old world thinking is to over protect.  Wendy’s philosophy is that kids will be kids and will learn as they go. Her children are easy going and well adjusted sweeties.
Chill/Chill Out – I will never be called ‘chillin’.  I am forever pushing envelopes and myself to make the most of every waking moment. My beautiful daughter will work at her peaceful pace, albeit very long hours.  She will not be swayed by my strong opinions or pushed into doing things too quickly.  She ponders as she works through the many important decisions necessary to keep a young business going.  I find great comfort in her cool style that has taken us so far.
Dirt Don’t hurt – Gabrielle and Seth have always been allowed to run barefoot, even in the winter.  Gabrielle plays for hours in the mud hole that she and the dogs have conjointly dug.  She will come to the back door, so covered in dirt, that Wendy or I will have to pick her up by the under arms and pop her in the shower just to take the big mud off, before we put her in the tub. I actually grew up like this and loved getting down right dirty, but I didn’t let my girls get dirty.  I wish I had let them have as much fun as Gabrielle.
The 5 second rule can be extended based on circumstances. Wendy does not follow my neat nick issues about food on the floor. I never allowed food to be eaten if it fell on the floor.  Again, in my childhood, that wasn’t such a big deal. My mom came up in the Depression. I, unfortunely was strick about food that touched the floor.  The other day, I was very proud of myself.  After school, Seth had put last piece of Wendy’s delicious Biscuit Pudding on a plate, then dropped it on the floor.  He stood stunned and brokenhearted, as this is a very special treat. I jumped up and grabbed the slice of Biscuit Pudding and popped it back on the plate and said it wasn’t even 5 seconds.  It was more like a painful, slow 30 seconds for Seth. He looked at me to be sure that it really was okay and look of obvious relief spread over his face.  And you know what? He ate it and survived, just like I did when I was a kid.

One day, when I grow up, I want to be just like my daughter.

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