My Brest Friend Pillow

Our moms at, truly love their My Brest Friend Pillow.  Sure, it is for the breast feeding mom and it is unquestionably the premier breast feeding pillow, but this pillow is wonderful for all types of feeding or just having baby nearby.

This pillow was designed and engineered by real moms and babies.  Breastfeeding experts were also brought in to ensure that this pillow met all the needs of breast feeding moms and babies.
Check out the features below.
• This yummy pillow has a wrap around design that secures to the body. This design helps moms maintain positioning and improves latch-on. I actually like the way if feels so much, that I would be tempted to have it on, jut to watch tv.  I just feels great to the back and is a support for arms and shoulders.
• The back rest shape does a lovely job to help you maintain a healthy posture during feeding and it stops that sore back and neck that a mom can get when she leans over and has to hold her baby without any support.
• The Firm, flat cushion keeps baby from rolling.
• One of my favorite features is the adjustable, silent-release strap that fits Moms or Dads comfortably and unlatches without waking baby.  Most baby items I used with my little ones, usually had Velcro.  Did you ever try to undo Velcro with a sleeping baby?
• I truly like the arm and elbow rests. These rests eliminate shoulder stress.  It really feels good.
• The cool pocket in the front is super for holding water bottles, burp cloths, phone, and anything else you might need.
Moms have given us their reviews on My Brest Friend Pillow.
 My baby just wouldn’t latch on. I had cracked and bleeding nipples. Once I got the pillow, my baby latched on correctly and no more problems with sore nipples.
Thank you My Brest Friend. This pillow saved me from quitting breast feeding.  It is really comfortable too. Lyra, Seattle
 I was having a really hard time getting my son to latch on and stay latched on.
My mother ordered this pillow for me. I was not sure how to use it but the instructions helped a lot.

It also came with instructions for breastfeeding that actually helped my baby latch on.

There are so many nice features in this pillow. All I can say is buy one if you are breastfeeding. It is super

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