My Breastmilk is drying up, HELP PLEASE!

Hello ladies at GotBreastPump, I need your help. 


I had a baby six months ago and I have a lot of milk stored in the freezer. I want to avoid using it yet. I did stop regular breastfeeding a couple of months ago.  I’m not sure why my baby stopped wanting to go to breast, but she is still getting breastmilk.


I have been pumping every 3 to 4 hours but I only get about 5 ounces.  It is never the same amount when I pump. It has been about two weeks since my milk supply began to fall off.


My goal is keep up my breast milk supply or maybe increase it.


Can you help me please? I will use any advice that you give me.


Thanks from Brenda in Aspen


Dear Brenda


Thank goodness you were wise enough to store up so much breast milk.  Some important things to consider:


Night pumping is super important.  Most successful pumpers state that although they would love to stop night pumping, they do it usually 2 times per night.  There is good reason for night pumping.  The hormone Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation (FIL) signals the mammary glands to slow or stop production when large gaps exist in pumping/feeding times.  Missing pumping sessions for 8 hours or more set FIL into action.


Stress, low fluid consumption, poor nutrition and some other factors can also impact breast milk supply.


If you hae been missing some night feedings, try a schedule of:


10PM, 1AM, and 4AM


By the 7AM feeding, you may actually already see an improvement in quantity of breast milk, certainly by the next morning.  The change in volume is usually noticed in the first morning feeding. 


A lactating mother’s hormones are complex but will respond very quickly to the changes in pumping/feeding.


You can also begin taking More Milk Plus Vegetarian Capsules or Fenugreek Capsules to help increase your breast milk supply.  Both of these products have helped many mothers bring back or increase their breastmilk supply.


Our web store has these products available right now and can be shipped out today with FREE PRIORITY shipping if ordered by 1PM.  

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