My 10 Month Old Baby is Eating Solid Food, Is He Getting Enough Breastmilk?

I’m Not Sure How Much Breastmilk He Is Getting

I would love your advice!

I am so blessed that breastfeeding has been a good experience for me and my 10-month-old son
(he is a healthy and happy 23+ pounds!). I have exclusively breastfed my baby since birth. Since I went back to work full-time in August, I then started pumping during the day (he has bottles of pumped breastmilk at daycare) and nursing him in the morning and evening. Pumping has gone well and I am still able to maintain a good enough supply for him to drink exclusively breastmilk. He is also a
good solid food eater; he eats mostly veggies and fruits (all organic), some cheese and yogurt (plain, whole, organic) and a little chicken (organic), and we just started legumes (adzuki beans).

Answer to Mom

Let me begin by saying you are an amazingly thoughtful parent. From your email, it seems that you are doing great. The healthy and happy sounds great, and the 23 pounds. Based on the Center for Disease Control Chart, your son is on the upper end of the scale. Your food sources are excellent.
Watch your baby’s hunger cues and let your baby be the guide. If your concern is based on purely liquid intake, you may want to begin offering him water. Especially as spring and summer arrive, it might be a good move to introduce water, if he will try it.
Soon, you baby may begin to be finicky about eating. This is also common. Starting a bit before a baby’s first birthday, they seem to shut down on eating and they may become a challenge to feed. This may last a year or longer. Some mothers worry, because their babies eat so little.
Once they hit a growth spurt, though, eating is less challenging and they will take to food again.

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