Mother’s Milk Makes Cents

Literally, Mother’s Milk Makes Economic Dollars and Cents

A family’s money will be stretched to the limit during the economic crisis. Breast pumping and breast feeding can save a family between $3,000.00 to almost $5000.00 in the first year of a baby’s life.

When mothers breast pump, they can continue to augment the baby’s diet with breast milk well into the second year and longer. The money a family can save by continuing to give breastmilk to a baby into the second year and beyond can be surprising.

Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics did a study titled “Health Care Costs of Formula-feeding in the First Year of Life”. The results of the study found much higher medical costs of non-breastmilk infants compared with infants fed exclusively breastmilk. A family will spend an extra $1,435.00 in medical costs for a baby that received formula from birth.

Kaiser Permanente Study did a study: Costs of NOT Breastfeeding. This study revealed that the average formula fed baby’s family paid an extra $448 in additional office visits, $84 in prescription drugs, and $903 in hospitalizations, totally up to the $1,435.00 in one year.

As mothers continue to provide milk into the second year of a baby’s life, the savings also add up. Mother’s milk replaces the cost of cow’s milk, now hitting $5.00 per gallon. An average baby can drink $650 to $1,200 of milk per year. The medical savings carry on too.

We are talking huge amounts of money for families.

Formula 1st year: $1,000 – $2,000

Extra Medical Costs: $1,435

Cow’s Milk 2nd year: $650 -$1,200

So, the total cost of a non breastmilk baby for 2 years, averages between $3085 to $4635.

Breastmilk is back in vogue, and just in time. Families can save massive amounts of money during this financial crisis.

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