Moms Can Find Towels Everywhere!

Enough is enough.  Having 4 people use towels on a daily basis is just pushing me to my breaking point.  Robert and I re-use our towels for a few days, by placing our wet towels over the shower to let them dry over night.  I attempted to get the kids to the same, but they didn’t have a good place to put their towels and daily towels ended up all over the house wherever they decided to drop it.  Instead of finding the towels, bringing them into the bathroom myself, and finding a place for them to dry, I decided they needed a place.

After doing some research, I decided to use an over the door coat hanger and write our names on the hook for each towel.  This is working WONDERFUL.  Now the kids know exactly where the towels go and mom doesn’t have to run around the house searching for them.  Although I do have to take the towels down every few days and put clean ones up; they would use the same one for a few months.  Ewwww!

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