Mommy, Come Get Me!

Oh, my Baby Girl went from happy “Yeah, it’s “Fun Day,” and I get to play games at school and hang out with my friends all day long” to (sobbing) “Mommy, come get me” (sobbing). Poor little thing had such terrible pain in her side that she couldn’t even stand up completely.

Unfortunately, I’m rolling out a new online loan application next week and could not get away, so Robert picked her and brought her to the doctor. Guilt makes working so much more difficult. No urinary infection, but . . . possible apendisitis. So, off to ER they go. And as they waited in the ER room watching TV, she slowly felt better – yes, it was gas.

I started this website to help this sweet Baby Girl eat better, and now, it seems that I need to get back to this idea. Bye-bye chocolate milk every morning! (That needed to happen anyway).

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“Mommy, I am so happy” picture

“Mommy, I’m in the ER” picture

Robotics Competition that Seth and his school are participating in this week – 16/57 teams today

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