Massage Your Breasts While Breast Pumping

When you learn to breastfeed, you are told to massage your breasts to help with the let down of your breast milk.  Well, of course the same holds true for breast pumping.  However, in addition to massaging just prior to using your breast pumping, you will want to massage your breasts while breast pumping.

As you are breast pumping, use your thumb to put pressure on your breasts from your armpit and run it along to the breast shield.  This put pressure on the milk ducts pushing more breast milk out as you are breast pumping.

You can even hold the breast shields on with your index and middle finger (or use a hands-free bra) and actually squeeze your breast with your thumb and pinky, pushing forward from your armpit for the entire time you are breast pumping.  This helps to really get all the breast milk out more quickly and efficiently.

Hey, this may feel a little awkward, but if it helps you to fill up that freezer with breast milk for your baby, you’ll get used to it very quickly.

Have you noticed that you create more breast milk or breast pump quicker when you massage your breasts?  Let us know how much breast milk you have been able to produce.

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