Make Sure to Have Something to Do While Breast Pumping

If all you do while breast pumping is sit and stare at the clock waiting for the time to finish, then you will feel like your breast pumping sessions will last forever.  You should have something to do while breast pumping to help the time pass by more quickly.

Some things that you may want to do while breast pumping are:

-          Watching television – of course the easiest and don’t require you to use your hands

-          Smiling and talking with your baby

-          Make phones calls

-          Read your favorite book or magazine

-          Listen to your favorite music

-          Drink a warm cup of tea

-          Relax and do nothing (how often do you get to do this)

Also, using a hands-free breast pumping bra helps immensely, allowing you to free yours hands from the breast pump and do numerous things while breast pumping:

-          Using your computer

-          Writing lists or important notes

-          Playing and feeding your baby

Whatever you choose to do, find something.  This will help you to breast pump for a much longer period of time and ultimately help you to make more breast milk for your baby.

What are some of the things that you do while breast pumping?

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