Last Call!

Why do mommies hide their feelings about how they feel about becoming a mother? Coming home with your first child, especially mothers who are a bit older and are set with a career and an active social lifestyle, can be very confusing, even a downright depressing time for new moms.However, we hide these feelings through quiet guilt of all the little things that we wish we could do, but know that “good” moms don’t.

I loved reading this wonderful article about longing for that one wonderful drink that you wish you could have, but are too terrified to indulge in, especially when breastfeeding for that new little one.18 Months, One Night Out … and I Feel Guilty brought back memories of one evening when I indulged in a couple of wonderful glasses of homemade amaretto.I was reluctantly “peer-pressured” into sipping a glass of the amaretto by one of my best friends as a number of moms got together with our babies one evening. As I relaxed and enjoyed the evening with the other moms, I’d noticed that warm sensation of tipsiness that I had not felt in well over a year. After I’d gotten back home that evening, I cried to my husband about the terrible guilt that I felt about the evening and having to throw out my baby’s breast milk.

How long did I have to throw out this precious breast milk and should I even take the chance of going through it again? I am quite sure that many moms give up breastfeeding for the very reason of wanting to enjoy a drink every once in a while without experiencing the guilt that accompanies each occasion.

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