Increase Breast Milk with Cool Iced Tea

WHEW IT’S HOT! You are a busy nursing mother and the heat is getting to you. At, we are hearing from mothers this month on how to increase breast milk supply. Many mothers suffer from low milk supply during the heat of the summer.

Let’s look at some important things to consider to increase breast milk supply. Heat is stressful to the body. Low milk supply will happen under stress. Add to that, the heat causing dehydration, and it’s easy to see how your milk production will drop.

The next step is how to increase breast milk production during the brutal heat of July and August. First and foremost is to drink lots and lots of liquids. Typically this will not mean frequent trips to the restroom, because your body is using so much fluid for cooling through perspiration that we don’t even notice. Your baby will also need more fluids, and you are the source of those fluids through breast milk.

Even with an increase of fluid intake, you may still be experiencing low milk production. More Milk Plus Vegetarian Capsules will give a rapid increase breast milk supply. Some mothers find increased milk production, the same day they start taking the pills.

Try to find some time for much needed rest. This is hard for most people, but breast feeding/breast pumping mothers are stretched so thin. Adequate rest is important to breast milk production.

Let’s review. Drink lots of fluids, More Milk Plus Vegetarian Capsules, and concentrate on getting rest.

Here’s an easy and inviting tea recipe for you and your whole family to help everyone get enough fluids during the broiling months of summer.

Use any non-caffeinated tea. Green tea has many health benefits; most herbal teas have no caffeine, or simply regular decaf tea may be used.

• Place 4 tea bags in coffee maker basket.
• Use a full pot of water
• Brew tea just like a pot of coffee
• After brew is complete, remove from heat element
• Add sweetener of choice (honey, sugar, or splenda) to taste
• Add 1 or 2 drops of vanilla or almond flavor extract
• Add equal amount of ice to amount of brewed tea into pitcher
• Drop in a sprig of fresh mint if it is growing in your yard. (Very calming)

My children and I love raspberry herb tea with a drop of almond extract. We drop a leaf of mint into a glass.

Enjoy the tea, get rest when you can.

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