I'm Worried, My Breastmilk Supply Went Down Again

I have tried More Milk Plus Vegetarian Capsules last month and my milk supply came back. But this month before my menstrual cycle my milk supply went down again and this time I have been using More Milk Plus Vegetarian Capsules for the past 2 days and my milk supply is not back yet. Do you have any other suggestion for me to try? Also I have been eating oatmeal and pumping and breast feeding as usual regularly.

The one suggestion that comes to mind, is to be certain that you are getting all the milk out of your breasts at most feedings and pumping right now.
This can be done during pumping and breastfeeding.
The techniques for both are similar, using breast massage to ensure that all the ‘hind milk’ comes out. I will send you a video hotlink and an article to show and discuss this procedure.
When breast feeding, use the massage technique and stay with just one breast for that feeding to empty it. With pumping, it is easier to empty the breast, because you can see when the breast is empty. Make sure to use the massage technique throughout pumping and feeding to get the ‘hind milk’ to move forward.
Here’s the hotlink: http://www.gotbreastpump.com/wordpress/hind-milk-in-breast-pumping-better-milk-for-baby-and-increases-breast-milk-supply

Breast Massage to get to the ‘Hind Milk’.

Using a massage technique, will get the “hind milk” out. The massage technique is to start at the side, under the arm and press forward toward the nipple. Try to feel the glands and apply gentle pressure where you feel full glands. Do the same under the breast lobe and again gently apply pressure toward the nipple. Never apply pressure that causes pain. The important word is ‘gentle’.
Do this once you feel “let down” or if you don’t feel “let down”, once milk begins to flow. Continue all during each breast pumping session.
Within a few feedings, you will notice a difference in the amount of milk you produce and with the hind milk you get to the higher fat content and nutrients that will satisfy your baby better.

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