If You Don’t Love Dogs . . .

I was a high school English teacher when Seth was born. And my first year of teaching I received a lot of information from experienced teachers and one that I particularly loved was information and a book from Dr. Harry Wong. He’s just a brilliant educator and had such good common sense advice for new teachers.

One of the things that he said was that his parents told him from a very young age that he would be a doctor. He said that they told him this frequently so he knew when he was older he was going to be a doctor — he became a doctor of education.

So I started this philosophy with Seth at a very young age and told him that he would do something great, and I chose veterinarian. So I told him from a very young age that he would be a veterinarian. At the age of 14,n when asked, he says he’s going be a veterinarian.

However, the way that he is with our dog, my husband and I have told him that he should not become a veterinarian. He doesn’t really have a fondness for animals, so now I’m talking to him about the fact that I wanted him to aspire to something great which would push him further than just getting a bachelor’s degree. Recently, he’s been talking about engineering.

With the things that he likes to work on, engineering is a good start. But there’s so many other things out there that I really want him to research what he will do withe rest of his life further.

Is this the right approach to getting your kids to aspire to greatness – I have no idea. But I hope that he realizes that we believe and support the idea that he can do anything – as I truly do.

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She’s crashed on the way to school


Long morning – driving Seth to school in Baton Rouge, back to Prairieville to drop of Gabrielle and back to Baton Rouge to work – Second time I passed that sign this morning.


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