If I Could Press the “Reset” Button

If I could press the “Reset” button I would certainly take advantage of this in certain areas of my life. Now that I’m in my mid-40’s, I am looking back at my life and seeing that I did so many things right, but, also, did so many things wrong. So, I decided this is the time in my life that I’m going to try to take the things that I know how to do and do them better.

I’ve gained some wisdom over the last several years and learned lessons from the things that maybe didn’t go so right. For example, one “reset” item that I have done better the second time around is school. I played so much in college the first time and graduated in my early 20’s with a very unimpressive GPA. My low GPA made me feel less successful over the last 20 years of my life. After returning to school to get my master’s degree in English, I finally did it the right way. With only two semesters left, I still have a 4.0. My confidence has increased immensely, especially when I was invited to join the academic honor society Phi Kappa Phi. Because of my earlier experience in college, I never thought that I would have ever received such an opportunity. But now that I have, it has given me the confidence to believe that I can do so much more in my life.

With this accomplishment under my belt, I feel like I can succeed in so many more areas of my life. Some areas in my life that I feel I can be more successful are finances/retirement, charity/giving, and my career after graduation. So, it’s time to stop wasting and start creating for the better.

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Yay! Another crack today.  Two windshields in less than six months.

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