I Stopped for a Few Days & Now My Milk Is Down, Can You Help?

Question from a Mom

I was breast feeding my baby when I was in the hospital.  When I got home, I was really tired and my husband gave him a bottle. He refused to try the breast after having a bottle.

I pumped for a month and then I stopped for several days when I got a cold.  Now I can’t get my milk supply back to where it was. 

We have a limited budget.  Can you offer any ideas on how to increase my breast milk.

I’m  really sad that my baby won’t breast feed. He is 2 months old now.

I need help to get my milk supply up again.


Answer from Toni

I’m going to give you some basics for bringing your milk back.  A food item that is popular for breast milk production, is oatmeal.  Eat is a couple times each day for about a week.  You can also put it in the blender with fruit and juices to make drinks, if eating oatmeal that often is not appealing.

Here is a schedule that will get you on the road to making ample milk.

Breast Pumping Schedule


You can adjust this schedule to you biological clock. (earlier waking or later bed time)


Waking AM to Noon

6 AM, 9 AM, 12 Noon


Afternoon to Midnight

3 PM, 6PM, 9 PM, 12 Midnight


Wee Hours (A Must!)

3 AM

What you will notice, as early as tomorrow morning or the next morning, is the first wake up pumping session in the morning will be your best milk supply of the day.

Next, night feedings are critical to increasing milk supply.   Most successful pumpers state that although they would love to stop night pumping, but they do it usually 2 times per night, even if they pump for a year or more.  There is good reason for night pumping.  The hormone Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation (FIL) signals the mammary glands to slow or stop production when large gaps exist in pumping/feeding times, especially at night. 

Using a massage technique, will get the “hind milk” out. The massage technique is to start at the side, under the arm and press forward toward the nipple.  Try to feel the mammary glands and apply gentle pressure where you feel full glands.  Do the same under the breast lobe and again gently apply pressure toward the nipple. 

Do this once you feel “let down” or if you don’t feel “let down”, once milk begins to flow.  Continue all during each breast pumping session.

Within a few feedings, you will notice a difference in the amount of milk you produce and with the hind milk you get to the higher fat content and nutrients that will satisfy your baby better.

Doing these 3 things consistently will normally get mothers back to ample milk production.

I hope these tips help, email and let me know about your success or if you need more assistance.

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