Hurricane Gustav Finally A Thing Of The Past

Wow! What a LONG week. We have lived here in Baton Rouge for well over a decade and have prepared for many hurricanes and there was nothing new with this hurricane. As a matter of fact, in the past, we were always lucky to just perhaps feel the winds and get some heavy rains from past hurricanes. However, Gustav got Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas pretty good. Though it was not a very strong storm (just a Category 3), it blew trees down like no one in Baton Rouge had ever seen before and caused more power outages than any catastrophe that Entergy Utilities had ever experienced.

Enduring a week of power outage, living on a small generator and a tiny ac window unit was difficult enough with two young kids, but trying to continue to run an international website business was one of the biggest challenges that I have ever had. Our poor postal workers were working in a pitch black office with flashlights accepting packages through a broken door wrapped in “CAUTION” tape.

It has been a very interesting situation, but one that makes you thank God for the wonderful people in the world. Kindness and teamwork just flourish at times like this – people giving and helping beyond anything that anyone would ever see in any given day.

We attempted to keep everything going as well as possible during this situation, however, if you find that you attempted to get in touch with us and were not successful, please try again. Things have pretty much gotten back to normal now, and we feel confident that we can get all answers to any questions that any mom might have.

Thanks for your patience and many prayers from so many that have help Louisiana get through another one.

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