How often and how much should my infant (months 4-6) be feeding?

Well, at 4 months your pediatrician may have you beginning to introduce solids into your baby’s diet. Cereal is usually the first to be introduced. Initially, your baby will not be getting too much cereal into their mouth to actually digest. This is primarily a time to get your baby used to the feelings, tastes and mechanics that come with learning to eat solid foods, therefore, you may find that your baby will still be drinking the same amount of milk each day.

However, as your baby becomes more proficient at eating solids, she will be getting more calories from this and will need fewer calories from your milk. Many babies between the age of 4-6 months still average about 24 ounces a day. But, again, listen to your baby’s cues. There are no strict guidelines for how much milk your baby should have each day, but if your baby goes significantly over 32 ounces or less than 20 ounces often, then you may want to contact your doctor for suggestions.

Your pediatrician should give you details about how to begin feeding your baby. Many moms will feed their baby breast milk as usual, however, substitute two of the milk feedings by mixing a little cereal with your breast milk, and then follow up the cereal feeding with additional breast milk until your baby is satisfied. Over a period of weeks, you will introduce fruits and vegetables and your baby may want less and less milk.

Trust your own judgment, and enjoy this interesting and fun time in your baby’s life.

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