How often and how much should my infant (months 1-3) be feeding?

By the end of your baby’s first month, he may be averaging 24 ounces of milk in a 24 hour period.

Within months 1-3 your baby may be sleeping longer through the night and feeding longer during the day time feedings. Surprisingly, your baby may not be feeding more that 24-25 ounces per day within these first few months. Few babies may require more than this, however, most babies don’t feed more than 30 ounces per day within the first few months.

Remember, this is for babies who are being fed exclusively breastmilk. For babies that are receiving supplemental bottles of formula, then these babies may be receiving much more than the 24-30 ounces breast milk within 24 hours.

If your baby is drinking much less or more than these averages and your baby’s weight seems to be changing dramatically, or you are just plain worried, then call your doctor for further advice or just a little TLC.

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