How Does the New Mother Feel?

Shocked is the only word I can use to express my feelings regarding how little information there is on the web about how a new mom feels as she returns home with her infant.

Several years ago, I started this site because I could find so little information about breast pumping. I knew other mothers had to need the same information,
yet none was available.

Planning to write the blog on New Mother Syndrome, I thought I would find tons of information. I was so wrong. Very little information is available to help new moms with their many concerns about how they feel and support for their countless worries for their new infant.

From my web search, interviewing some moms I know, and revisiting my own feelings, I came up with a list of feelings and concerns that most of my resources had in common. Certainly there are many more feelings and concerns that new moms have. We would love to hear from you. So email us, so we can share your thoughts with other moms.

Let’s list some of those feelings and concerns.

• Exhausted
• Fatigue (It takes a lot of energy to care for a new infant and your body is still in recovery)
• Irritable
• Oversensitive
• Impatient
• Lack of confidence
• Anxious
• Restless
• Nursing concerns (breastfeeding concerns or breast pumping possibilities)

Some moms shared personal challenges that I’ll list below.

 Your breasts (whether or not you breast feed/ breast pump) are still full and uncomfortable.
 The baby does not know the difference between day or night, so your sleep patterns are upset.
 Getting ready to go anywhere is like planning a major trip. It takes three times longer to get ready with your new baby.
 You miss the social perks of being pregnant. (Just don’t tell anyone)

Almost all postpartum reactions are temporary and typically last just a few weeks. These reactions are normal and up to 80% of mothers experience these feelings after birth.

Try to find a local support group for new mothers. Your delivery hospital should have some information on these, or check the internet. I found many cities with new mother support groups. If your feelings are overwhelming, you may be suffering from Postpartum Depression, not New Mother Syndrome. If this is the case, seek medical assistance.

I did seek help for Postpartum Depression, just as Brook Shields. With the help of my doctor, a counselor and medication, I began feeling better within a few days. The actual Postpartum Depression took several weeks to subside. I actually felt better, just getting in touch with my doctor. Her support and direction gave me the help I needed to get through each day.

Tomorrow, lets talk more about the feelings and concerns of the new mom. Please email us at with your thoughts.

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