How Does a Company Consciously Fire a Mother For Providing For Her Child?

dogslipperblog1In an unprecedented case, The Columbus Dispatch writes about how the Ohio’s Supreme Court must make a decision as to whether a mother was discriminated against when she was fired from Isotoner Corp. for breast pumping. The company explains that she was fired not for breast pumping, but because she did not ask for “permission” to take the breast pumping break before her scheduled time, although she did compensate by taking less time during her lunch break.

Being a mother that breast pumped for more than a year, I am well aware of the pain that is associated with full breasts. I can only imagine that having to wait for a “scheduled” time to express milk from full breasts is not only an unpleasant feeling but is actually excruciatingly painful. It would be interesting to know how many of the managers of this company understood the feelings associated with lactating breasts.

This company not only shouldn’t have fired this woman, but instead should have rewarded her for the effort of going above and beyond what many mothers in the workplace do to provide breast milk for their babies. Perhaps this company may be looking back at the mistake of firing this women and reconsidering the meager expenses they may have lost during her few minutes of breast pumping compared to the outrageous costs associated with the attorneys, court costs and bad press that they are now facing.

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