Guinness Book of World Record – Breast Milk Donation

As I was doing some research on breast milk donations, I came across the Guinness Book of World Record holder for donating breast milk. Who knew that such a thing existed. Since I had donated 200 ounces myself, my thought was about how impressive this particular record is, as opposed to how many straws someone can fit into their mouth.

Alicia Richman, the current holder of this record, donated 11,115 ounces of breast milk. Nope, that’s not a typo. When I first read the article, I misread the 694 pounds as ounces, thinking if I’d only stuck with it. But no, my amount of 200 ounces could not compete. This women is amazing.

The service that she has provided premature infants is immeasurable. While I had great success initially in my breast pumping endeavor, I struggled for the last few months. So I know the frustration that moms go through when they don’t feel like they can provide. But as I mention frequently, the fact that you gave it your best is all that matters. Those beautiful babies are going to turn out to be amazing people, with or without breast milk.

But those moms who do pump an excessive amount of breast milk may want to consider donating to these breast milk donation banks. The initial process is a little cumbersome: you must take a blood test and complete an application, but once this is complete, it just takes going to the post office and shipping the milk. The pride that you feel when you have provided your breast milk, which could save a baby’s life is unforgettable. So consider sharing your precious breast milk.

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