is Now Making Videos to Help Our Customers, Check Us Out

Last week, Wendy and I started making videos of some of the products that we sell on our website, It is so funny to make these videos.  Neither of us have any experience, other than watching a few videos from YouTube.

Here are 2 of the first videos. Scroll down on the page to see the videos.

Wendy’s living room sofa is our video spot, no studios for us.  It’s homey and relaxed and if we make a mistake, we either cut it or just leave it in.  We are sure that Francis Ford Coppola will not be checking us out anytime soon.

Our goal is to give information in an easy to use and relaxed format.  Customers have asked us questions about some of our products and those questions are the basis for what we put in the videos.

Our little Gabrielle is always curious and often in Wendy’s lap or playing in the background, talking or messing with the dogs.  All this activity makes the videos all the more realistic and down to Earth.

We have fun, work hard and share information and products to help mothers feed their babies.  That’s what we are about at

Thanks for visiting with us and come back often.  Also, send comments and questions, we’d love to hear from you.

Wendy and Toni

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