GotBreastPump Has Been Highjacked – By Me!

Yes, I’m going to be like one of those websites/blogs that has a mid-life crisis.  I’ve posted on the website for several years and then, when I really didn’t have much new about breast pumping, I just gave it up for a bunch of years.  I didn’t breast pump any more, thank goodness – that would be weird, since I don’t have babies in the house any longer. So I didn’t feel like I had anything else to contribute.

I’d been wanting to write something for my kids and have been journaling in Evernote for a while.  Then, I decided it was just time to hijack GotBreastPump for these writings.  The contents will remain, as that is a large part of what I did for Gabrielle, and I want this information there for her to see what life was like for the two of us back when she was born.  Also, most of the breast pumping information is timeless and, hopefully, will give moms the confidence they need to pursue feeding their babies in the way that they feel most comfortable.

While many websites/blog that have a mid-life crisis, such as this, may have bloggers that record their breakdown or post messages about the impending end of life for the blog (which is always resurrected), I will simply be posting other items of general interest, that will hopefully give my kids a little taste of what my mind is like, and why I torture them so.

The posts may seem odd, especially the random links that will accompany the posts, but I archive the websites that I visit each day.  I find that it helps to remember something from a month ago, and our web-surfing really is a journey and tells so much about what we were thinking at the time.  It’s very interesting to record what sites you’ve been through, then look back and say “Oh yeah! That’s what I was thinking?” It’s quite a reflective process – even though it may seem like a ride the crazy train – or maybe it’s just my ADD mind that produces the long list of daily confusing links.

Oh well, have fun deciphering, kids!

Links for the day:



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Robert messing with a carpenter bee – I learned a bunch about carpenter bees yesterday – who knew?

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